How to add another account in twitter for mac

Click System Preferences. Click the "Internet Accounts" icon. It appears as a blue icon with an symbol. If you can't see the main menu, click the three rows of dots at the top left corner of the window, which displays as Show All in earlier versions of Mac OS X. Click Next. Click Sign In. Uncheck the box next to "Notifications" to disable Twitter Notifications. Uncheck the box next to "Share Menu" to remove Twitter from the Share menu. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Edit Related wikiHows.

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Article Summary X 1. In the new window, you need to enter the username and password of the account. Then, click Authorize. Open TweetDeck on your computer and select Accounts in the navigation bar.

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Now, you need to expand the account you want to delete by clicking the down arrow. Now, you need to expand the account you want to set as the default by clicking the down arrow. Next, you have to toggle on the Default account option. Open TweetDeck and then click on the Tweet button at the top of the navigation bar. The accounts you have authorized will show up at the top.

How to Add Accounts on Twitter on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

Now, you need to choose which accounts you want to Tweet from. Open TweetDeck and click the Tweet button. Then, click on Schedule Tweet and choose the date and time you want the Tweet posted. Open TweetDeck on your computer and then click on the more icon on the Tweet. Select Like next to the account s you want to like from.

Twitter Multiple Accounts Using Safari?

Using TweetDeck, you can follow someone from multiple accounts at one go. Likewise, you will be able to unfollow someone from you several accounts at once. Open TweetDeck on your computer and then choose the account you want to follow. Whilst technically an app that you can download from the App Store, TweetDeck for Mac is a very thin wrapper around the web app. It is begrudgingly included in this list of the best Twitter apps because it is now the only official client for macOS, with Twitter for Mac dead.

TweetDeck is the only client that can show polls in tweets for instance, as Twitter does not yet expose polls in the API available to third-party developers. As a first-party client, it also has a real Activity feed of likes, retweets and mentions. The trademark feature of TweetDeck is its columns. You can set up many timelines of various views side-by-side in a single window all updating in real time. Columns for users, columns for search queries, columns for lists, columns for trending, and much more. TweetDeck is a great fullscreen app if you just want to get absorbed in real time content; this is a big reason why social media managers depend on TweetDeck.

The above was a summary of the defining features and drawbacks of each of the clients. Below are some more subjective thoughts, if you are interested in my personal choices.

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In testing Twitterrific, I noticed that the unified timeline design forces you to more liberally set up muffle rules. There is definitely a convenience to seeing everything in one scrolling waterfall though and color-coded themes make it clear which type of tweet came from where. As someone with a job that at least partially depends on keeping up with current news, TweetDeck is appealing but I would never use it. It just reeks of being a web app. You can feel the HTML in the fabric of the app, with everything you click on.

What Happened to Twitter for Mac?

Even if it was a native app, TweetDeck is a case of information overload. You can snap windows together and release them on the fly.

Using Twitter in the macOS Notification Center

Oh, also the TweetDeck dock icon is ugly. I like how Tweetbot looks the most, it is close to the design of Twitter of Mac after all. Something that I really miss though is persistently visible action buttons for each tweet.

Tweetbot for Mac only shows retweet and like buttons when you hover over a row, and even then they are very tightly packed in the corner of the cell. I wish there was an option to make these buttons always visible in a dedicated bar below the tweet content. Tweetbot is also the only client out of the three I tested to have decent scrolling performance.