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Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5. Jalankan patch, lalu klik patch.

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Ganti Aja Backgroundnya. The scan lists shared folders on the network so you can keep track of which computers have made files available to others. There is no limit to the number of IP addresses that this utility can cope with. You can narrow down the report to a range of IP addresses or just one device. It is also possible to focus the scan on one device type.

Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.9195

The scan will check the ports on each device and assess whether it is on and whether a specified user has access privileges to it. However, the information in the scan results will let each user know whether they can connect to a specific resource, such as network attached storage. Network Scanner is specifically concerned with identifying devices and shared resources on the network , including cataloging all the shared folders on your system. Axence has produced a package of ten network tools and they are free. The interface for this bundle is available in English, German, Polish, and Spanish.

Unfortunately, these tools only run on Windows. This has an autodiscovery feature to check on all of the devices connected to your network. It will check on the services running on each device and verify that each is functioning properly. In all the tool will examine 50 different services.

Another tool in the package that mirrors Network Magic functionality is Netstat , which gives a list of all open ports on your network-attached devices and the activity on each. Local Info lists the configuration details of each device. Netcheck tests the physical attributes of your network, such as the quality of the wiring.

One more useful tool is the Bandwidth Tester. The package also includes Netwatch. This will check on any servers that you have on your network including mail servers. The report generated by this tool lists activities on a range of ports and the packet loss rate. The utility will also check on the DNS entries for your host servers every ten minutes.

A Wintools utility will check on the event logs of each Windows device on the network, reporting back on performance issues related to CPU, disk, page swapping, and memory usage. Traceroute is a great tool that is available in many operating systems and Axence created its own version. This utility will trace the location of any given IP address and report on the performance of the internet connection between you and that address. The five network monitoring systems listed in this review match or exceed the network management functions of Network Magic. Simply getting broadband usage reports and taking screenshots of computers on your home network is probably the wrong method for controlling the internet access of children.

There are better systems for imposing parental controls. It is better to block your children from accessing certain types of sites that to use a system that allows them access but reports on their activities.

Child Monitoring

In this respect, Network Magic provided too little too late. Parental control software is a fairer method to control the activities of children on the internet. It is much better to prevent rather than to blame or shame. If you are specifically looking for a Network Magic replacement that will let you know what your children are up to on the internet, these preventative systems provide better solutions than your current strategy.

Parental control software has really come a long way since the screen capture facility of Network Magic was thought of. These five options provide you with much better security for your children on the internet and include features such as contact logs, social media controls, and cyberbullying protection.

Re: Download Mac version of Network Magic (registered user)

If you have been using Network Magic for years, you will probably be reluctant to let it go. Even before the software was deprecated by Cisco Systems, it stopped working as well as it should have done. It is great to find free software from a trusted provider that does everything you want. However, the networking industry, including Cisco Systems, has moved on and you should, too. Whichever feature of Network Magic you liked the most, chances are you can get that facility from one of our five alternatives, and that service will actually be better than your experience with Network Magic.

It is time to uninstall Network Magic and replace it.

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The five alternatives in our list are even better. Any computer on the network with the Network Magic Solution installed can enable or disable any other computer from the reports feature. In addition, if you contact Cisco for technical support, Cisco may collect and store information regarding your network configuration and usage as part of the technical networking support provided to you.

شرح Network Magic Pro 5.5

As part of our technical support procedures, the Cisco support representative may ask you for Personal Information about you and information about your home network, as well as financial information if there is a fee associated with the support. We record technical support sessions for internal training purposes and retain the recorded sessions for as long as appropriate for legitimate business purposes. You can end a technical support session at any time.

You may make updates or request deactivation of your profile by sending an email to support purenetworks. When you use Network Magic Solutions, you are subject to the applicable end user license agreement. Please see Network Magic help if you have questions about this solution. Guest Search. Worldwide [change]. Log In.