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Galaxy Warfare. MMO Giveaways. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Yea, nothing wrong with rs3 ofc but theres a reason more people play old school over rs3. Lets not try to ignore the reason everyone left the game back then. Its not hate to hate, they changed a core feature of the game people loved even with all the fed back they had during the beta. The reasons most people left are trade lock, wilderness and EoC. Since then theyve reintroduced wildy and taken out the trade lock, and EoC combat can be completely ignored now thanks to revolution style.

Really, the biggest problem was that they pushed everyone away and those people have never looked back, whether the problems were fixed or not. But its definitely fine to like either game, just very not ok to hate on people for liking the other one which is incredibly common for people to do.

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Trade lock and wilderness had very small impact compared to EoC. Also people always look back at runescape as the saying goes xD or something like that. Felt like It was them saying they want to cater to both crowds but they should just focused strictly on EoC. Not true.

A HUGE amount of people quit when the trade limit came in, and refused to play till it was removed. Over everything, that was the single biggest dealbreaker for a lot of people, its just that EoC stayed, where as the trade limit was kinda quickly removed. The removal of wilderness basically killed the game. Trade limit slightly less but they were pretty much paired together anyways. That whole shenanigan really dropped the numbers.

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  • EoC had a bigger effect though. Only reason it has less players is their stupid updates in the past driving people away. But recently they've been slacking with updates and its starting to suck again. I feel like a lot of delay with updates lately is because they're trying to hard to make sure people like them, instead of just doing whatever.

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    Its also a lot harder to develop new stories than continue old ones, and although i havent done sliske's endgame yet laziness , i feel like most stories right now are somewhat complete. Not complete as in no more can happen, but the the current arc is over. Just seems like a really bad time for all that to happen, but its not like there isnt hundreds to thousands of hours content in the game already.

    And theres also the fact that the game is slowing. I really hope that the slowing of updates means they're working on a new game and not stopping altogether.

    Download Mmorpg for Mac - Best Software & Apps

    Runescape as a game is VERY dated, and itd be pretty exiting to see them take all that experience and make a new more competitive mmo experience, hopefully with a combat system thats actually good. I agree with a lot of what you say. I've done all the quests in rs and it really does feel like a bit of a wrap up once you finish sliskes endgame. The next arc has to be huge to come close to all the quests that make up the mahjarrat series. There's easily decades of quests that make it up and now I feel like they're struggling with continuing. I wish they'd make rs without the tick system.

    I love the skilling, the questing, the gameplay, basically everything in rs except the tick system. I dont mind the grid system because I feel like a lot of rs is possible because of it but the tick system is easily the worst part of the rs experience right now - especially since so many other games dont have that. I feel like a big part of what holds runescape back are the tick system, like you say, but also the complete lack of skillshots.

    Second Life has both a Mac and Linux client. The game is by Ankama, the same French developer behind Dofus and Wakfu. Fishing Planet - Looking for a free to play fishing game? Fishing Planet is one of the only ones out there and it's available on Mac. Unturned - One of the only free to play survival games is on Mac. Think Minecraft meets zombie survival! The game has a bit of a history with on and off mac support, but with the launch of Stormblood, the game is back to firmly supporting MAC users.

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    Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Arc Games. Also available on Linux, Android, and iOS. Hearthstone - Blizzard's epic collectible card game isn't only Mac compatible, it's truly a multi-platform game. Spellstone - A collectible card game by Synapse Games and published by Kongregate.

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    Interesting mechanics, but odd card balance system upgraded cards are stronger with no down-side. Fortnite - A sandbox co-op survival game developed and published by Epic Games. Built on the powerful Unreal 4 engine and is basically Minecraft meets Left 4 dead. The goal of the game is to Warhammer Online: