Transfer dv video to mac

For more information, see the documentation that came with your camcorder. To preview video, move the pointer over the preview at the top of the Import window and click the Play button.

Transfer Mini DV videos to Mac

You can also click the Previous or Next button to go to the previous or next clip, or click and hold the Previous or Next button to rewind or fast-forward. Choose an existing event: Create a new event: To learn more about events, see Organize media and events. To import another section of video, use the playback controls to set your tape to another point where you want to begin importing, and click Import.

Top 4 Best Import Solutions

Are you less price sensitive and more time sensitive? And finally, what do you want to do with the videos? That is why I founded LifeFlix and developed a technology that makes watching those memories easy.

Transferring from Mini-DV to hard drive

You decide what's best for you. Learn more.


Tape transfer services. There are few services that allow you to ship your tapes to them, they capture the videos and send you a DVD or digital files to download. The two I would consider are iMemories they are the big boys, and used by Walgreens and Southtree.

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I recommend this service if you don't really use a computer, are less price sensitive because it can get expensive , trust delivery services and are willing to wait a couple weeks. It is designed to have no learning curve and handle quick import of many tapes and allow instant viewing and sharing of memories.

Top 4 Best Ways for Mac Users to Import MiniDV Tapes | LifeFlix

Also, if you've tried using iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro and can't figure them out or are unhappy with the import and cataloging features. Final Cut Pro X.

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  • Final Cut Pro X is iMovie's sophisticated big brother and is very similar in workflow and interface. I have used FCPX for a few years and love it for more sophisticated editing. Connecting to modern Macs is a little tricky, here is some help.