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Flash storage also refers to the technology itself. That's like asking "what are the differences between an electric car and a hydrogen fuel cell?

If the SSD is non-volatile i. SSD's not based on flash storage would need constant power to retain their data.

macbook - Is "flash storage" the same "SSD"? - Ask Different

A Solid state drive, or an SSD, is a lot faster in terms of read and write speeds that a conventional hard drive. This means when saving or opening files it will be a lot quicker and boot up time will be dramatically quicker, most macs with SSDs can boot within 15 seconds, that is less than half the time a hard drive would take my old imac took 45 seconds with a hard drive.

You will also find applications will launch faster as well.

The Best External Drives for your Mac or PC

I have SSDs in all my computers and I now find it frustrating how slow a computer with a hard drive is! Overall it is one of the best upgrades you can do to any computer. The short answer is that there is no difference. The long answer is that SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which is different from a spinning disk that rotates and has arms that reads of different parts of those spinning disks, that is normal hard drives with moving parts. An SSD has no moving parts. A Solid State Drive can use different technologies for storing data.

The most common, the one you find in macs, iphones etc is based on Flash. Or more specifically non-volatile NAND flash memory. While SSD in most cases is a flash drive there are exceptions to that. HDDs are old technology and although they are still a strong choice for large volume storage, realistically, their days are numbered.

SSDs and flash devices are the new kids on the block.

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SSD devices will only continue to see speed and capacity increases, as well as price reductions in the future. If performance is of the upmost importance, flash is always the best option. Again, if you want performance but have a lower budget, go for a smaller flash device and marry that with a larger SSD or HDD. Should you have any questions about building a system feel free to email us at build create.

Flash vs. SSD Storage: Is there a Difference?

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Which Mac Pro storage option is the best. Great value storage ideal for large volumes of data Hard Drive Disks HDD store information on traditional spinning disks, they come in 3. HDD Summary Great for: Storing large amounts of data at a low cost Cons: SSD Summary: Great for: Flash Storage Summary: As always with storage, no matter which option you go for, make sure you back-up twice.

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